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The Centre for Pastoral Leadership is connived as a continuous education institution to see the sharpening of the skills of our reserved ministers and workers who have to serve in different aspect of the work of the ministry in this century.

It is an outfit that is uniquely designed and customized to meet this present day challenges of capacity development in the leadership and management areas.

What is our Mission?

The mission of the Centre for Pastoral Leadership is to prepare a new breed of capable and well equipped ministries for the knowledge age that is gradually evolving.


The Centre for Pastoral Leadership will structure her programme into two broad Leadership and Management Platform as shown in the Diagram, while spiritual formation will under grid each platform. In order to be focused, our Goal is to achieve managerial competence and leadership effectiveness.



The Leadership programme will be in the parts to equip emerging leaders, existing leaders and executive Leadership.

The summary is shown in the Diagram; the three parts will focus on leadership and Pastoral ministry while the course will be tailored to the needs of each level.


The management programme is sub-divided into four categories.

  • Personal Effectiveness program [PEP] is to hep ministers and workers perfect the art of self-management under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • Supervisory Skills Development program [SSDP] is aimed at helping units head develop skills in managing other workers and ministers under their supervision, the idea is to help them produce more from those placed under their supervision.
  • Senior Management Development program [SSMDP] this programme will deal with courses that help pastors evolve and manage system that keep the church running effectively.
  • Executive Development program [EDP] this programme will help them manage our churches for the measures of the success of a well-rounded church mission.

Managerial Programmes

  • Managing Self
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Time Management
  • Personal Ownership and Accountability
  • Managing your Boss
  • Self-Assertiveness
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Managing Others (Supervisory Skill program)
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skill
  • Effective Delegation
  • Leading Teams
  • Empowering and Motivating Others

Managing system and others

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Analytical thinking and Decision Making
  • Performance Management System
  • Quality Management System

Executive Management

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Emotional Intelligence program
  • Strategic Management
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Other Functions and Specific Programs

  • Women Ministry
  • Men Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Teen/Children Ministry
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Prison Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Forum Round Tables
  • Customized Product
  • Research
  • Liberty Resource

Our Activities

Emerging Leaders Program

  • Ministry
  • Biblical Basis of Ministry
  • The Essence of Ministry
  • The Goal of Ministry
  • What is a Minister
  • Building a Solid Spiritual Life
  • Life in the Spirit
  • Daily Devotion

Line Leaders Program

  • Portrait of Christian Leaders
  • Biblical Basis for Christian Leadership
  • The Minster and His Family
  • Preaching to Change Life’s
  • Discipleship and Spiritual Development
  • Planning and Outreach
  • Spiritual Development

Executive Leaders Program

  • Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • The Word, The world and the Work
  • Spiritual Welfare
  • Training and Trainers